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International Artemia Aquaculture Consortium

Conservation, management and sustainable utilisation of Artemia biodiversity

International Workshop on Artemia Pond and Tank Production, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

The International Workshop on Artemia Pond and Tank Production was held via Zoom / in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh on 15 June 2021. The report is available for download below.


  • Inauguration of the workshop and welcome
    Christopher Price
  • History of pond production of Artemia cysts and biomass
    Patrick Sorgeloos
  • Introduction, purpose of workshop, scope of collaboration
    Meezanur Rahman
  • Social, gender, policy issues in implementing projects
    Benoy Barman
  • Country experiences in Artemia pond/tank production:
    • Vietnam: Nguyen Van Hoa
    • India: Shanmuganathan Kandan
    • Thailand: Montakan Tamtin
    • Iran: Naser Agh
    • Kenya: Betty Nyonje
    • Bangladesh: Meezanur Rahman
    • Cambodia: Veasna Ao
    • Myanmar: U Soe Tun
    • Malaysia: Yeong Yik Sung
    • China: Sui Liying
  • Q&A session, discussion, recommendations
    Patrick Sorgeloos (facilitator)
  • Closing remarks
    Meezanur Rahman


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