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International Artemia Aquaculture Consortium

Conservation, management and sustainable utilisation of Artemia biodiversity

Article: In Uzbekistan, the race is on to sustain the world’s growing aquaculture industry

Brine shrimp are crucial for the global aquaculture industry, which supplies nearly half of the world's seafood. In Uzbekistan’s Aral Sea region, ongoing dessication may increase salinity levels beyond even the capacity of the wild brine shrimp fishery to survive. Scientists are working with brine shrimp fishers to experiment with the farming of brine shrimp in small ponds. Despite the Aral Sea's continuing decline, this initiative may help sustain aquaculture by providing a new source of brine shrimp cysts, vital for feeding farm-raised fish and prawns. Learn more about this development in an article by Levi Bridges at

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