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Conservation, management and sustainable utilisation of Artemia biodiversity

Saving a Sea Monkey Sanctuary: Battling the Threat of Great Salt Lake's Decline

Hakai Magazine has just published a new article by Paul Greenberg: As the waters of Utah's Great Salt Lake recede, a dedicated group of locals is on a mission to safeguard its unique ecosystem and vital brine shrimp fishery. With half the lake already perilously low and the other half at risk of following suit within the decade, urgency permeates every aspect of their efforts. From conducting crucial research expeditions to implementing stringent management practices, these individuals navigate the strange, saline waters to ensure the survival of not just the brine shrimp but also the diverse entities that thrive in this extraordinary environment. Dive into the heart of their endeavor as they race against time to preserve a sanctuary threatened by the relentless march of climate change.

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